Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Nags.

You wouldn't believe how eager I wanna blog now until I decided to type some random stuff bout today and yesterday :D

#  Okay, so after days and days and days of considering, I've finally made up my mind & have registered for A-levels in INTI college yesterday morning. In the early morning, the excitement has overpowered the fear and OH I WAS LIKE A HAPPY BIRD lol. Didn't get to relax and enjoy much in the car all the way to & fro, because I have to familiarize the route to the college. The task was half failed, because I've forgotten some & didn't manage to memorize some while talking to mum. Have to go for some driving training with mum before the term starts! I kinda love the college environment, but somehow the college students crowd scared me a lil bit. Ahh, I have a lil ochlophobia :/
So I'm now an INTI-ian, according to Huiwen x)

#  Almost late for work today. Woke up at 7.15am and lied on bed to wait for my turn to use the toilet. At the moment I heard mum asking me whether I have to work or not, it was already 8.22am. Ter-sleep for the first time OMG. Even during secondary school times I wouldn't fall back to sleep accidentally :/ 

P/S: I should go to work at 8.35am. AWESOME.

#  Finally had dinner with the whole family at home tonight. It has been a few weeks since last time we sat together and had dinner at the same time. Every night will either be me or mum or dad not available at the dining table.

 Love the feeling of having dinner together 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Will be going to INTI College with mum & dad to register for A-levels April intake tomorrow. Ahh, there's a little fear & also excitement in me. Fear is normal I guess? A brand new environment, people & etc etc coming in one month plus time.  I hope I won't regret.Hope it'll be a good and right move for me & my future :)

Take breathe & be brave. Everything has its very own first time, isn't it? :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Less than three.


and all the memories shall be kept and etched in my heart, from now till forever :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's bathing time!

Took some photos of Snowyi with my iPod while bathing her this morning. She gets stinky easily especially on rainy days, but she loves to sneak out to the garage for sun bathing in the scorching hot afternoon. The hotter the more she likes, especially the sun around 12pm to 3pm, crazy isn't? Bet she is craving for some vitamin D and to clear her odour, hehee.

Dirty face, dirty mouth and dirty legs D:
Mm mm, I need a bathe * puppy eyes *

Did some nail clipping for her and here is a photo of her nails :) Accidentally cut one of her nail a bit deep just now, and she screamed. Sorry darling:(

Nails which look a bit like, marble stone?

Wet face , awww still cute isn't?

No doubt, she has a tall nose!
Drying in progress :)
She can't wait to get down from the table already!
Done! A beauty with an angel face :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendship like this.

Have not been meeting them both together for like a million years although its actually only about one and a half month. Hah, I've met Miss Soo for a few times but not Kel :/ And three of us didn't went shopping together since last year's mid term holiday because of many many many reasons. Finally, three of us went to Sunway Pyramid today after a few ups and downs and some transport problem.

Heeeya, so here we are :D Went so many shops for window shopping, trying on some crazily-high high heels, walking fast just to stalk some we-thought-she-is-leng-lui girls, squeezing into a tiny fitting room with many shirts and having some weird conversations inside,camwhored & laughed like there is nobody in the shop, standing outside COACH wondering whether we should go in or not but we ended up running away because lack of guts and etc etc etc happenings. Stupid but fun x)
Cheeessseeeeee :D

Kel: Hamster Mouth!      Me & Sze: AHHHH...
If you're a good observer, I was actually trying on the shirt Khe Sin tried on. Anyway, it looked weird on me. *Face problem :/*

Love you guys ♥

Sunday, February 5, 2012

E Shaun, Ee Jing, Louis, Yong Yong & :)

#Now listening: Flightless bird, American Mouth ( Wedding version )

Having a four days long holiday like everybody else, the difference is now I'm a free bird who no longer have to plan a study timetable and headache on tons of reference books. Aha, no homework, no revision! TV, sleep, eat and enjoy life! This is it :D

The reading centre I'm working now will be closing for four days as there's 4 days of public holiday. I'm gonna miss the kids I guess! x) After three days conducting five classes with them, I realise that it is not that bad to teach kids actually ( if only they cooperate ). I'm still not experienced enough, but the kids still do not dare to " climb on my head" as I'm new there.Yeah, a good thing indeed.

There's a girl name Caitlyn which is just stepping into three years old. She's very cute, with an angel face. However, I guess she is still too young to concentrate for a long period, so teaching her is a hard task. But her memory is no doubt very good! She will disturb me when I'm teaching the other kids by tapping my hands, charging my back with her head and keep calling "teacher, teacher " then talked a lot after that which I can barely understand a word.

E Shaun, another boy who is also three year old plus. Ahh he is definitely better than Caitlyn. He is scared of cane, thats why. Duh, I don't like to use cane. It's not hard to teach him but he always refuses to answer me GAHHHH. I'm forced to use tricks, telling him I'll give him some angry bird chops after he finish three words with me. Sometimes I will scatter all the cards on the table trying to ask him, and guess what? He will ask me instead. It's cute but sometimes he is really making me crazy.

Something cute about him, he only sits on a blue chair and everytime when he asks my permission to go the toilet and realises I'm not following him, he will ask me with an innocent face, " Teacher, you not following me? " So everytime I'll have to follow him and wait outside the toilet. After he finishes his business, he will tell me he wanna wash hand. I'll have to help him to wash his hands and rub his hand with some soap ( he is too short to reach the water so yeah, I have to help him ) After he done his washing he will run to the stand fan outside the class,putting his hand in front of the fan, tying to dry his hand. Awwww, so cute of him, isn't?

And there's this girl Ee jing, 5 years old who cannot even spell her name correct sometimes. Oh well, perhaps she's a little not so confident. Whenever she meets some difficult words, she will ask me to trace dots for her to write. I'm mean, I force her to write herself. On the third time when she didn't want to try and I asked her what happened, she grinned and ran away from me, telling me that " teacher, you don't want to trace dots dots for me" As what I've expected, she ran to another teacher asking her to trace dots for her. I'm meanie! xD

Louis, my first fan, according to the principal. He asked the principal when I'll be coming to teach because he wants me to teach him. And guess what? He is willing to wake up early to attend the 9am class as I'll be teaching the class. Before this I just heard that he didn't want to come for morning classes as he said he cannot wake up that early. But oops, because of me, he is willing to do so LOL.

Because..... he said I won't scold him HAHAHAA. See, I'm kind :)

A few more funny kids there. Hope I'll have time to talk about them next time. They are, Yong Yong, Jerome, Kher Quan, Syasya and ...

Working with kids is fun & stressless. They will make you burst into laughter anytime, even its only just a small move, an unclear pronountiation or a funny face. They somehow are angels on earth, bringing us some small happiness in this big big city.