Sunday, November 25, 2012


I need to blog. I need to blog. I need to blog. That urge popped into my mind so many times last week. Oh nooo, it was actually during the whole exam period. Too many to say, but too little language to write. I have no talent in language, dislike difficult terms and passages that turn round and round just to make it looks beautiful.

AS levels examination had finally came to an end last Thursday. I thought I would be super excited but it was another round. Many things happened before that so maybe that's the reason. S' beloved dog had passed away, I almost cried for a few times when we were whatsapp-ing. Oh poor boy, may you have a better next life. I still remember how he used to lie on my lap and sleep off when I slept over with a bunch of sis in her house last year :( He's a good boy, yes he is. I'll miss you, C.

Classes gonna resume tomorrow. Oh my, I need more rest, I'm very tired and exhausted everyday ever since exam ended last Thursday even though I didn't do much stuff. Guess my body is making me to pay back all my sleeping debts x x Haven't prepare Bio notes shitttttttt. Ms Irene gonna go mad I guess? Nah, dontcare. Have to make myself catch up A2 maths from tomorrow onwards or else I'm gonna be extra stress exam. Maths is all about exercise gurhhh. Goodluck and don't slack nor stress, Wenyiwong.

#I should be researching uni and courses stuff now, ended up blogging here :P Oh well, it's holiday so I'll just sit back and enjoy.

my extra vain pic x x

Till then, Cheers :)