Sunday, November 25, 2012


I need to blog. I need to blog. I need to blog. That urge popped into my mind so many times last week. Oh nooo, it was actually during the whole exam period. Too many to say, but too little language to write. I have no talent in language, dislike difficult terms and passages that turn round and round just to make it looks beautiful.

AS levels examination had finally came to an end last Thursday. I thought I would be super excited but it was another round. Many things happened before that so maybe that's the reason. S' beloved dog had passed away, I almost cried for a few times when we were whatsapp-ing. Oh poor boy, may you have a better next life. I still remember how he used to lie on my lap and sleep off when I slept over with a bunch of sis in her house last year :( He's a good boy, yes he is. I'll miss you, C.

Classes gonna resume tomorrow. Oh my, I need more rest, I'm very tired and exhausted everyday ever since exam ended last Thursday even though I didn't do much stuff. Guess my body is making me to pay back all my sleeping debts x x Haven't prepare Bio notes shitttttttt. Ms Irene gonna go mad I guess? Nah, dontcare. Have to make myself catch up A2 maths from tomorrow onwards or else I'm gonna be extra stress exam. Maths is all about exercise gurhhh. Goodluck and don't slack nor stress, Wenyiwong.

#I should be researching uni and courses stuff now, ended up blogging here :P Oh well, it's holiday so I'll just sit back and enjoy.

my extra vain pic x x

Till then, Cheers :)

Friday, July 20, 2012


Suddenly fall in a small dilemma of choosing Pharmacy or Veterinary after my A levels ends. Fuihhh, uncertain again. Maybe I still prefer vet more. Can anyone tell me which one suits me better? Lol.

#7 more biology notes to be edited before print, boringgggg.
#shall start uni research from now before its getting too late.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heavenly Lake.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.
© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

© 2012 @ Heavenly Lake, Urumqi.

Magnificently magnificent.

Heaven on earth.
© 2012 @ 中国敦煌鸣沙山



只能说, 风景漂亮得很震撼。

Thursday, June 21, 2012

nags oh one.

Going to Silk-road with mum tomorrow. Wondering where is silk-road? Hmm, hope you know ( because when I told my friends some of them will give me that "where-the-hell-place-is-that" face LOL. pftttt )

Jalan sutera is the word. 

0155am flight. Two of us only, for the first time. Desert area. Hmm.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm back.

It's so dead and dusty over here. Oh well. Life for the past two months was TOO HECTIC.

and finals had ended at 12pm sharp today, TRIPLE YAY (Y) (Y) (Y)

more time to blog? perhaps.
*2 out of my 3 weeks holidays has been fully occupied*

outing with , first ever prom, terengganu trip with collegemates and china with mama:)

so stay tuned.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh hey.

Too long didn't blog. It has been almost a month. This week is the fourth week I joined college, stuck in jams every morning. Oh well, I prefer this kind of busy life compare to the few past months rotting at home 24/7 :)) It's more meaningful and easier for time to pass, isn't? And I have successfully made quite a number of friends, instead of being a lonely emo freak HAHAHA. College mates are all friendly and fun people instead of nerdy anti-social people. AHH , I like it that way, classes will be more lively and fun :D

and and and... Timetable is kinda packed, 4 out of 5 days end on 4pm or 5pm. Monday and Thursday have four hours break, which is like, doesn't make sense and time wasting for me. So library has become my best friend recently, study bug! Nahhhh, I play with my phone on and off, I was trying to self-shot inside the library but oh well, there's always people around me, so forget bout it. I don't want to make people think that I'm crazy teeeheee.

April intake is indeed a short and rushy intake, imagine you cover four chapters of bio, 3 chapters of maths, 4 chapters of chemistry and 3 chapters of statistics in three weeks time. Almost everyday you'll have quiz on the chapter you've learnt, and assignments and piles of homework to finish at home after a long day in college. EXHAUSTING, TIRING AND PRESSURING are the words. I never finish my homework on time before, eeikkss. Quizzes are quite good actually, it will force me to study immediately after class no matter how, so no slacking and laziness are allowed :/ :/ :/

He had been driving me to college together for the past three weeks, and I just SUCCESSFULLY drove him to college today. Ngeks :D

should go for some tetris battle now! RELAXATION TIME :D :D :D 

bye :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

all over again.

Oops, looks like I've abandoned my blog for quite many days :P

It's 31032012 today and tomorrow will be another brand new month. College; traffic jams; packed timetable; piles of assignments and work. Aha, I guess all these will be the terms to define my April life. Hate to say that, but there's really a little fear in me. I'm afraid that I'm used to my oh-so-relax-life now, work maximum 4 hours a day, sleeping, eating and online whole day long. I'm scared that I lost my motivation and so-called-passion to study anymore*LOL* I'm worried that I can't make friends I can't get full scholarship etc etc etc. Okay whatever, just forget it since I can't do anything.

But I'm actually quite excited teehee. Please be good to me, college :3

Next week will be the last week I get to see the kids everyday. After the 9th, I'll only see them every Friday and Saturday if my timetable allows me to go working on these two days. I'll miss them for sure, especially those kids that are not in Friday and Saturday classes. E Shaun, ask another teacher to bring you to the toilet and pump hand soap for you next time okay? :) & Jodie, you'll not be able to see your long hair teacher anymore, do miss me!

And the reason why I still wanted to work is because I wanna save up some money, for studies for everything. Good girl ehe? xD

and so, here comes another brand new start.


end of my craps.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turning 18.

It's 10.57 pm right now, which means 1 hour and 3 minutes more I'll turn 18 years old. I don't have any feelings right now, which I think it is quite abnormal? Lol.

Perhaps birthday isn't a big deal anymore knowing that you have someone you love & someone who loves you by your side, all the time. A bunch of friends who love you, someone who loves you and a loving family 

Maybe I should make a wish later, even though there will not be a cake. A wish can be made without a cake, isn't? :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

10.03.10 Advanced birthday celebration.

Thank you for the advanced birthday celebration, the chatime "cake" with 18 "candles" on it, the fabulous shirt, korean food, snowflake, instax photo and every moment :]

# MJ, I'm waiting for you to come back to fill up the empty page in my card! :]

Heart you guys 

My birthday CAKE with eighteen CANDLES :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Invisible spectacles.

Got my first ever salary two days ago and I used part of the salary to get myself contact lenses :)  I wear glasses since I was standard two, which means almost 10 years already. LONG ENOUGH, laughs. My short shortsightedness power is incredibly high btw, I bet you won't wanna know =P Even the optometrist says I'm a "high-scorer" LOL.

It's not that scary to wear contact lens after all, just a little confidence, and some strength to hold and pin your stubborn eye lids will do, hah :) My hands did shook a little, eyes blinked involuntarily, tears accumulates a little at the eye sockets when I was trying hard to master the skills in the optometry shop. My first attempt wasn't so successful, because both lens entered by accident, not by correct method. LOL.

Just spent about 15 minutes to put them on all by myself today *proud xD * But there's some funny happenings still. I thought I wore the wrong sides, I thought I wore my right lens inverted. I thought my lens moved somewhere else other than staying on my retina and went to look for it on and off at the mirror.

All the stuffs :]

First photo snap with contact lens :]

Still need a lot of practices I guess, my right eye still not so used to it.

and, the feeling of getting something you wished for with your own hard earn money is AWESOME :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Nags.

You wouldn't believe how eager I wanna blog now until I decided to type some random stuff bout today and yesterday :D

#  Okay, so after days and days and days of considering, I've finally made up my mind & have registered for A-levels in INTI college yesterday morning. In the early morning, the excitement has overpowered the fear and OH I WAS LIKE A HAPPY BIRD lol. Didn't get to relax and enjoy much in the car all the way to & fro, because I have to familiarize the route to the college. The task was half failed, because I've forgotten some & didn't manage to memorize some while talking to mum. Have to go for some driving training with mum before the term starts! I kinda love the college environment, but somehow the college students crowd scared me a lil bit. Ahh, I have a lil ochlophobia :/
So I'm now an INTI-ian, according to Huiwen x)

#  Almost late for work today. Woke up at 7.15am and lied on bed to wait for my turn to use the toilet. At the moment I heard mum asking me whether I have to work or not, it was already 8.22am. Ter-sleep for the first time OMG. Even during secondary school times I wouldn't fall back to sleep accidentally :/ 

P/S: I should go to work at 8.35am. AWESOME.

#  Finally had dinner with the whole family at home tonight. It has been a few weeks since last time we sat together and had dinner at the same time. Every night will either be me or mum or dad not available at the dining table.

 Love the feeling of having dinner together 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Will be going to INTI College with mum & dad to register for A-levels April intake tomorrow. Ahh, there's a little fear & also excitement in me. Fear is normal I guess? A brand new environment, people & etc etc coming in one month plus time.  I hope I won't regret.Hope it'll be a good and right move for me & my future :)

Take breathe & be brave. Everything has its very own first time, isn't it? :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Less than three.


and all the memories shall be kept and etched in my heart, from now till forever :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's bathing time!

Took some photos of Snowyi with my iPod while bathing her this morning. She gets stinky easily especially on rainy days, but she loves to sneak out to the garage for sun bathing in the scorching hot afternoon. The hotter the more she likes, especially the sun around 12pm to 3pm, crazy isn't? Bet she is craving for some vitamin D and to clear her odour, hehee.

Dirty face, dirty mouth and dirty legs D:
Mm mm, I need a bathe * puppy eyes *

Did some nail clipping for her and here is a photo of her nails :) Accidentally cut one of her nail a bit deep just now, and she screamed. Sorry darling:(

Nails which look a bit like, marble stone?

Wet face , awww still cute isn't?

No doubt, she has a tall nose!
Drying in progress :)
She can't wait to get down from the table already!
Done! A beauty with an angel face :D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendship like this.

Have not been meeting them both together for like a million years although its actually only about one and a half month. Hah, I've met Miss Soo for a few times but not Kel :/ And three of us didn't went shopping together since last year's mid term holiday because of many many many reasons. Finally, three of us went to Sunway Pyramid today after a few ups and downs and some transport problem.

Heeeya, so here we are :D Went so many shops for window shopping, trying on some crazily-high high heels, walking fast just to stalk some we-thought-she-is-leng-lui girls, squeezing into a tiny fitting room with many shirts and having some weird conversations inside,camwhored & laughed like there is nobody in the shop, standing outside COACH wondering whether we should go in or not but we ended up running away because lack of guts and etc etc etc happenings. Stupid but fun x)
Cheeessseeeeee :D

Kel: Hamster Mouth!      Me & Sze: AHHHH...
If you're a good observer, I was actually trying on the shirt Khe Sin tried on. Anyway, it looked weird on me. *Face problem :/*

Love you guys ♥

Sunday, February 5, 2012

E Shaun, Ee Jing, Louis, Yong Yong & :)

#Now listening: Flightless bird, American Mouth ( Wedding version )

Having a four days long holiday like everybody else, the difference is now I'm a free bird who no longer have to plan a study timetable and headache on tons of reference books. Aha, no homework, no revision! TV, sleep, eat and enjoy life! This is it :D

The reading centre I'm working now will be closing for four days as there's 4 days of public holiday. I'm gonna miss the kids I guess! x) After three days conducting five classes with them, I realise that it is not that bad to teach kids actually ( if only they cooperate ). I'm still not experienced enough, but the kids still do not dare to " climb on my head" as I'm new there.Yeah, a good thing indeed.

There's a girl name Caitlyn which is just stepping into three years old. She's very cute, with an angel face. However, I guess she is still too young to concentrate for a long period, so teaching her is a hard task. But her memory is no doubt very good! She will disturb me when I'm teaching the other kids by tapping my hands, charging my back with her head and keep calling "teacher, teacher " then talked a lot after that which I can barely understand a word.

E Shaun, another boy who is also three year old plus. Ahh he is definitely better than Caitlyn. He is scared of cane, thats why. Duh, I don't like to use cane. It's not hard to teach him but he always refuses to answer me GAHHHH. I'm forced to use tricks, telling him I'll give him some angry bird chops after he finish three words with me. Sometimes I will scatter all the cards on the table trying to ask him, and guess what? He will ask me instead. It's cute but sometimes he is really making me crazy.

Something cute about him, he only sits on a blue chair and everytime when he asks my permission to go the toilet and realises I'm not following him, he will ask me with an innocent face, " Teacher, you not following me? " So everytime I'll have to follow him and wait outside the toilet. After he finishes his business, he will tell me he wanna wash hand. I'll have to help him to wash his hands and rub his hand with some soap ( he is too short to reach the water so yeah, I have to help him ) After he done his washing he will run to the stand fan outside the class,putting his hand in front of the fan, tying to dry his hand. Awwww, so cute of him, isn't?

And there's this girl Ee jing, 5 years old who cannot even spell her name correct sometimes. Oh well, perhaps she's a little not so confident. Whenever she meets some difficult words, she will ask me to trace dots for her to write. I'm mean, I force her to write herself. On the third time when she didn't want to try and I asked her what happened, she grinned and ran away from me, telling me that " teacher, you don't want to trace dots dots for me" As what I've expected, she ran to another teacher asking her to trace dots for her. I'm meanie! xD

Louis, my first fan, according to the principal. He asked the principal when I'll be coming to teach because he wants me to teach him. And guess what? He is willing to wake up early to attend the 9am class as I'll be teaching the class. Before this I just heard that he didn't want to come for morning classes as he said he cannot wake up that early. But oops, because of me, he is willing to do so LOL.

Because..... he said I won't scold him HAHAHAA. See, I'm kind :)

A few more funny kids there. Hope I'll have time to talk about them next time. They are, Yong Yong, Jerome, Kher Quan, Syasya and ...

Working with kids is fun & stressless. They will make you burst into laughter anytime, even its only just a small move, an unclear pronountiation or a funny face. They somehow are angels on earth, bringing us some small happiness in this big big city.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm officially employed!!

I'm now telling the whole world, I'm officially employed, after like a month or more seeking for jobs up and down, here and there!

At first I thought I will definitely find a job in a shoes/ shirts/books/pets shop instead of a early reading centre which more or less the same like a kindergarten. I love all the stuff above more than kids, hehe xD

I was kinda reluctant to go to work in a kindergarten or a pre-school before this because I am really really not good in teaching! I'm not a patient person bwahahaha x) Perhaps I'm hot tempered too xD *I don't really understand myself too,sometimes? HAH*

But since I did not find my desired job successfully, I finally gave a try to interview for a job in becoming a teacher. Surprisingly, I succeed! :D

So now I'm working for Smart Little Beans Early Learning Centre @ BK5 as a teacher :)

#all I need is more love, patience, and care now. *deep breathe*

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In this beginning of the Dragon Year.

My urge to blog is sooooooo strong today, Idon'tknowwhyLOL.

Happy Dragon Year dear readers! :) Oh well,I can only feel a little CNY atmosphere as usual, as mum gonna work on the first 3 days of CNY, we're not going back to hometown to avoid traffic jams and some reasons. Hate to say that, but I have used to it already. But anyway, my two uncles and their family ( mum's side ) are coming tomorrow! Can't wait to see my four little cousins!

On the CNY eve, we went for reunion dinner with grandparents and my uncle's family at the Oversea Restaurant @ Armada hotel.

And this is my outfit! Laced singlet with jeans :D bwahaha finally got myself something with lace!

and the CNY surprise was my two uncles ( dad's side) came all the way from Penang to visit my granny! They told my granny they are not coming and they showed up suddenly late in the middle of the night. When my cousin walked by the window my granny was like, uhh, whothehellwasthat! LOL

A family portrait in the next morning. Ignore my shirt *oops* , we weren't going out so I didn't bathe and change into my new shirt . *who cares /.\*

And finally I got to wear my another new jumpsuit on Chor Yi, although we were just going to IOI to get some stuff and to wait my dearest mummy to finish her work and go for supper.

# and in this festive season, two besties of mine have found their another half, which means we have to share them with someone from now on :') Aww, I sincerely wish you two a happy ending

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eternal love.

This will just be a photo sharing post, as you know I am really free recently so I basically snap photos of her everyday with my iPod. Ahh, don't tell me the quality is not good, blurry or not sharp and clear enough. I know :( What do you expect from an iPod? LOL. I am lazy to bring out the DSLR to snap this little-camera-shy-girl. She for sure turns away and runs when she finds out I'm focusing on her using my iPod or any camera.

My granny had actually made her a few pillows since she lives with us two years ago. This is the newest one made from two Hello Kitty handkerchief :)

Oh, and her white hair looks good on grass! ( yeah, not fur but hair.)
White hair + a pair of black eyes + nose + pinky tongue + pinky leopard print ribbon collar = perfect match isn't it?

She's a very patient girl. She can spend a very long period biting her plastic bone, her pillow and even old cloth. But she will go crazy when she sees food.Patience? Gone!

Oh well, she is literally a teh-o-ping. I hope you know what I mean :D

And this is actually strictly prohibited when my dad is at home! Daddy doesn't allow her to go up to the sofa and of course, she knows it. So she only comes up when daddy is not in,hahaha shhh~ *don't tell papa*

I guess this is the best photo of her I've ever snapped. 41 Likes in Facebook! * so proud of her*

Just besties.

I just simply love this :)

#One more week and I'll get to say to MJ, welcome back!

#And, once again, happy 18th birthday to HW!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Page 7 of 366.

Okay lets take a break from Tetris Battle, my eyes are gonna pop out like at any moment. * gawd*

I was kinda frustrated few days ago as everybody seemed to get their jobs successfully as a book marker, internet plan seller, kindergarten teacher and this & that, or registered in blah blah blah college for January intake while I'm still stuck in my house, doing nothing except watching the TV which doesn't seem to have much interesting show and of course, I online every night. I almost visit the same webpages everyday, Facebook, lenglui's blog and so on. Just, ugh, hate to say that - lifeless. It's not that I'm lazy alright? I went to a veterinary centre and spent a few nights typing a CV to the vet after he asking me to do so but in the end he rejected me, then I targeted Petsmore, in the end I gotta give up due to some personal reasons. I really wanted to work there with cats and dogs and sugar gliders and tonnes of hamsters! Ohmygod it is just a perfect job for me, I guess? =P Ok fine, so since I gave up that, I aimed Kumon after that. Ughhh but the luck is still not with me, the boss didn't want to employ me even after YS resigned.

I became very very very frustrated after that. VERY! Yeah, maybe I did emo a little? I don't know, ha. I feel myself becoming more and more emotional after SPM, too bored I guess? I cried when I watched "free willy 4" yesterday and again when I watched "Hachiko" this afternoon. Too much water ( tears ) even the weather is killing these few days :P

Hmm, thanks to Grace's status for reminding me to look for jobs notice on sinchew's classified. And I finally braved up myself again to call a tuition centre to ask for vacancy. The girl asked me to go for interview this afternoon. Daddy's gonna interview people too this afternoon so THAT MEANS I HAVE TO DRIVE MYSELF. And luckily it was quite smooth all the way to and from the tuition centre. The interview was quite smooth too, just that I didn't bring my trial results LOL.

First time driving alone and first time interview in my whole life!
#Now, I just gotta wait for their reply to see whether they will employ me or not :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making Desicion.

Veterinary Pharmacy. Pharmacy. Veterinary. (which one?)

A-levels? or Form 6? (To be honest, I'd prefer A-levels more.)

Making desicion for our future seems to be hard. We are no longer a kid who can decide a thing without thinking twice or even choosing with our eyes closed by just poking either one of them. Everything seems to have its own pros & cons and there is nothing which will be 100% good.

长大了,责任也不同了。 脑袋也是时候该进化多一些了哈。

Monday, January 2, 2012