Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm officially employed!!

I'm now telling the whole world, I'm officially employed, after like a month or more seeking for jobs up and down, here and there!

At first I thought I will definitely find a job in a shoes/ shirts/books/pets shop instead of a early reading centre which more or less the same like a kindergarten. I love all the stuff above more than kids, hehe xD

I was kinda reluctant to go to work in a kindergarten or a pre-school before this because I am really really not good in teaching! I'm not a patient person bwahahaha x) Perhaps I'm hot tempered too xD *I don't really understand myself too,sometimes? HAH*

But since I did not find my desired job successfully, I finally gave a try to interview for a job in becoming a teacher. Surprisingly, I succeed! :D

So now I'm working for Smart Little Beans Early Learning Centre @ BK5 as a teacher :)

#all I need is more love, patience, and care now. *deep breathe*

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