Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eternal love.

This will just be a photo sharing post, as you know I am really free recently so I basically snap photos of her everyday with my iPod. Ahh, don't tell me the quality is not good, blurry or not sharp and clear enough. I know :( What do you expect from an iPod? LOL. I am lazy to bring out the DSLR to snap this little-camera-shy-girl. She for sure turns away and runs when she finds out I'm focusing on her using my iPod or any camera.

My granny had actually made her a few pillows since she lives with us two years ago. This is the newest one made from two Hello Kitty handkerchief :)

Oh, and her white hair looks good on grass! ( yeah, not fur but hair.)
White hair + a pair of black eyes + nose + pinky tongue + pinky leopard print ribbon collar = perfect match isn't it?

She's a very patient girl. She can spend a very long period biting her plastic bone, her pillow and even old cloth. But she will go crazy when she sees food.Patience? Gone!

Oh well, she is literally a teh-o-ping. I hope you know what I mean :D

And this is actually strictly prohibited when my dad is at home! Daddy doesn't allow her to go up to the sofa and of course, she knows it. So she only comes up when daddy is not in,hahaha shhh~ *don't tell papa*

I guess this is the best photo of her I've ever snapped. 41 Likes in Facebook! * so proud of her*