Saturday, March 31, 2012

all over again.

Oops, looks like I've abandoned my blog for quite many days :P

It's 31032012 today and tomorrow will be another brand new month. College; traffic jams; packed timetable; piles of assignments and work. Aha, I guess all these will be the terms to define my April life. Hate to say that, but there's really a little fear in me. I'm afraid that I'm used to my oh-so-relax-life now, work maximum 4 hours a day, sleeping, eating and online whole day long. I'm scared that I lost my motivation and so-called-passion to study anymore*LOL* I'm worried that I can't make friends I can't get full scholarship etc etc etc. Okay whatever, just forget it since I can't do anything.

But I'm actually quite excited teehee. Please be good to me, college :3

Next week will be the last week I get to see the kids everyday. After the 9th, I'll only see them every Friday and Saturday if my timetable allows me to go working on these two days. I'll miss them for sure, especially those kids that are not in Friday and Saturday classes. E Shaun, ask another teacher to bring you to the toilet and pump hand soap for you next time okay? :) & Jodie, you'll not be able to see your long hair teacher anymore, do miss me!

And the reason why I still wanted to work is because I wanna save up some money, for studies for everything. Good girl ehe? xD

and so, here comes another brand new start.


end of my craps.

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