Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friendship like this.

Have not been meeting them both together for like a million years although its actually only about one and a half month. Hah, I've met Miss Soo for a few times but not Kel :/ And three of us didn't went shopping together since last year's mid term holiday because of many many many reasons. Finally, three of us went to Sunway Pyramid today after a few ups and downs and some transport problem.

Heeeya, so here we are :D Went so many shops for window shopping, trying on some crazily-high high heels, walking fast just to stalk some we-thought-she-is-leng-lui girls, squeezing into a tiny fitting room with many shirts and having some weird conversations inside,camwhored & laughed like there is nobody in the shop, standing outside COACH wondering whether we should go in or not but we ended up running away because lack of guts and etc etc etc happenings. Stupid but fun x)
Cheeessseeeeee :D

Kel: Hamster Mouth!      Me & Sze: AHHHH...
If you're a good observer, I was actually trying on the shirt Khe Sin tried on. Anyway, it looked weird on me. *Face problem :/*

Love you guys ♥


  1. and it's S size! Sunway Padini got S size!

  2. Walao, dedicated to both of us. *Touched* XDD
    Btw, I jealous you bought the blouse. No fairrrr

    1. haha if you wanna wear i can borrow you! ANYTIME! thank you for recommending me to buy that shirt BTW! :D