Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's bathing time!

Took some photos of Snowyi with my iPod while bathing her this morning. She gets stinky easily especially on rainy days, but she loves to sneak out to the garage for sun bathing in the scorching hot afternoon. The hotter the more she likes, especially the sun around 12pm to 3pm, crazy isn't? Bet she is craving for some vitamin D and to clear her odour, hehee.

Dirty face, dirty mouth and dirty legs D:
Mm mm, I need a bathe * puppy eyes *

Did some nail clipping for her and here is a photo of her nails :) Accidentally cut one of her nail a bit deep just now, and she screamed. Sorry darling:(

Nails which look a bit like, marble stone?

Wet face , awww still cute isn't?

No doubt, she has a tall nose!
Drying in progress :)
She can't wait to get down from the table already!
Done! A beauty with an angel face :D


  1. I'd never known that dogs' nails look like this! :D Wonder if dogs can do nail-polish too. That'll be interesting!

  2. Can! I saw on tv before, their owner paint their nails and dye their fur O.O