Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Nags.

You wouldn't believe how eager I wanna blog now until I decided to type some random stuff bout today and yesterday :D

#  Okay, so after days and days and days of considering, I've finally made up my mind & have registered for A-levels in INTI college yesterday morning. In the early morning, the excitement has overpowered the fear and OH I WAS LIKE A HAPPY BIRD lol. Didn't get to relax and enjoy much in the car all the way to & fro, because I have to familiarize the route to the college. The task was half failed, because I've forgotten some & didn't manage to memorize some while talking to mum. Have to go for some driving training with mum before the term starts! I kinda love the college environment, but somehow the college students crowd scared me a lil bit. Ahh, I have a lil ochlophobia :/
So I'm now an INTI-ian, according to Huiwen x)

#  Almost late for work today. Woke up at 7.15am and lied on bed to wait for my turn to use the toilet. At the moment I heard mum asking me whether I have to work or not, it was already 8.22am. Ter-sleep for the first time OMG. Even during secondary school times I wouldn't fall back to sleep accidentally :/ 

P/S: I should go to work at 8.35am. AWESOME.

#  Finally had dinner with the whole family at home tonight. It has been a few weeks since last time we sat together and had dinner at the same time. Every night will either be me or mum or dad not available at the dining table.

 Love the feeling of having dinner together 


  1. Glad you're happy with your decision and you've got what you wished for :) ALLDABESTTTT!!


    You did helped me a lot in this whole process ya know? :)