Saturday, March 3, 2012

Invisible spectacles.

Got my first ever salary two days ago and I used part of the salary to get myself contact lenses :)  I wear glasses since I was standard two, which means almost 10 years already. LONG ENOUGH, laughs. My short shortsightedness power is incredibly high btw, I bet you won't wanna know =P Even the optometrist says I'm a "high-scorer" LOL.

It's not that scary to wear contact lens after all, just a little confidence, and some strength to hold and pin your stubborn eye lids will do, hah :) My hands did shook a little, eyes blinked involuntarily, tears accumulates a little at the eye sockets when I was trying hard to master the skills in the optometry shop. My first attempt wasn't so successful, because both lens entered by accident, not by correct method. LOL.

Just spent about 15 minutes to put them on all by myself today *proud xD * But there's some funny happenings still. I thought I wore the wrong sides, I thought I wore my right lens inverted. I thought my lens moved somewhere else other than staying on my retina and went to look for it on and off at the mirror.

All the stuffs :]

First photo snap with contact lens :]

Still need a lot of practices I guess, my right eye still not so used to it.

and, the feeling of getting something you wished for with your own hard earn money is AWESOME :)


  1. I can feel ur great sense of awesomeness. Looking forward to seeing u without glasses but stunning confidence. :D

    Still, take good care of ur beautiful eyes.

    1. Hey guess what, sometimes I will wonder is that really me because I can see myself so clear without spectacles, and that face makes me feel so not used to it x)

      Okay, I surely will :) TQ, my sister:D

  2. Ahaha I can't stop laughing at all the "I THOUGHT this I THOUGHT that" parts xD

    Am sho glad that I'm among the firsts to witness your ULTIMATE FIRST TIME TAKING OFF THE LENS moment heeeeheeeee me seriously gusta your eyes!

    1. yeah, I feel myself stupid too xD NEWBIE~

      yeah, the squeezing eye ball part let you witnessed dy xD teehee, thanks :)

  3. You looks gorgeous without specsssssss!:D