Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In this beginning of the Dragon Year.

My urge to blog is sooooooo strong today, Idon'tknowwhyLOL.

Happy Dragon Year dear readers! :) Oh well,I can only feel a little CNY atmosphere as usual, as mum gonna work on the first 3 days of CNY, we're not going back to hometown to avoid traffic jams and some reasons. Hate to say that, but I have used to it already. But anyway, my two uncles and their family ( mum's side ) are coming tomorrow! Can't wait to see my four little cousins!

On the CNY eve, we went for reunion dinner with grandparents and my uncle's family at the Oversea Restaurant @ Armada hotel.

And this is my outfit! Laced singlet with jeans :D bwahaha finally got myself something with lace!

and the CNY surprise was my two uncles ( dad's side) came all the way from Penang to visit my granny! They told my granny they are not coming and they showed up suddenly late in the middle of the night. When my cousin walked by the window my granny was like, uhh, whothehellwasthat! LOL

A family portrait in the next morning. Ignore my shirt *oops* , we weren't going out so I didn't bathe and change into my new shirt . *who cares /.\*

And finally I got to wear my another new jumpsuit on Chor Yi, although we were just going to IOI to get some stuff and to wait my dearest mummy to finish her work and go for supper.

# and in this festive season, two besties of mine have found their another half, which means we have to share them with someone from now on :') Aww, I sincerely wish you two a happy ending


  1. Owh gosh, u and your sister look exactly like twins from the picture!!! How awesome your mommy's genes are!

    Btw, me likey your lacey shirty, looks so sweety my dear sweetie! Happy Gongxi Facaiyiiii :)

    1. LOL mana ada, her face is way more sharper than me. And if you look more properly, I actually look more like my daddy and my sister looks more like my mummy :)

      Teheee, thanks! I love it very much too x)

      Xin Nian Kuai Le :D