Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Okay lets take a break from Tetris Battle, my eyes are gonna pop out like at any moment. * gawd*

I was kinda frustrated few days ago as everybody seemed to get their jobs successfully as a book marker, internet plan seller, kindergarten teacher and this & that, or registered in blah blah blah college for January intake while I'm still stuck in my house, doing nothing except watching the TV which doesn't seem to have much interesting show and of course, I online every night. I almost visit the same webpages everyday, Facebook, lenglui's blog and so on. Just, ugh, hate to say that - lifeless. It's not that I'm lazy alright? I went to a veterinary centre and spent a few nights typing a CV to the vet after he asking me to do so but in the end he rejected me, then I targeted Petsmore, in the end I gotta give up due to some personal reasons. I really wanted to work there with cats and dogs and sugar gliders and tonnes of hamsters! Ohmygod it is just a perfect job for me, I guess? =P Ok fine, so since I gave up that, I aimed Kumon after that. Ughhh but the luck is still not with me, the boss didn't want to employ me even after YS resigned.

I became very very very frustrated after that. VERY! Yeah, maybe I did emo a little? I don't know, ha. I feel myself becoming more and more emotional after SPM, too bored I guess? I cried when I watched "free willy 4" yesterday and again when I watched "Hachiko" this afternoon. Too much water ( tears ) even the weather is killing these few days :P

Hmm, thanks to Grace's status for reminding me to look for jobs notice on sinchew's classified. And I finally braved up myself again to call a tuition centre to ask for vacancy. The girl asked me to go for interview this afternoon. Daddy's gonna interview people too this afternoon so THAT MEANS I HAVE TO DRIVE MYSELF. And luckily it was quite smooth all the way to and from the tuition centre. The interview was quite smooth too, just that I didn't bring my trial results LOL.

First time driving alone and first time interview in my whole life!
#Now, I just gotta wait for their reply to see whether they will employ me or not :)


  1. aha, i love banana-friendly posts :D

  2. teeheeee :) then visit more for banana-friendly post :D

  3. yea of course you're one of the lenglui's blog I stalk!

  4. Lol I'm cannot be considered as leng lui la*shy*

    But still,I.AM.FLYING =P